Want to be able sell our Soy products on your website? How about our new Drop Ship program, you don't have to worry about keeping up with inventory or having to order large quanities.  Please check out our new Dropship program.
At Romance By Shilee  we are providing you the opportunity to sell our Soy candles or our Soy bath & body prducts on your website.  Our Drop Ship Program is very simple and easy to join.  In order to view our drop ship prices, click the Join our Dropship program link above!

Our Rules are very simple. We don't have any contracts or commitments and absoulutely NO start-up costs. Our requirements are as follows:

Our company is selling you our products wholesale and shipping them to your customers. You are responsible for collecting the appropriate taxes (for your state) for all of  your orders.  You are responsible for collecting the correct amount for shipping, Romance By Shirlee uses USPS and UPS.  Our company is not responsible if you do not collect the appropriate shipping charges.

For all Dropshippers, you may use our Dropship pictures for your website! We do not allow hotlinking on our site, please right-click the mouse over the picture and choose Save As.  (Please download to your site).

You will have to enter all of  your customers orders through our cart (log in and place a drop ship order). We will send your company an
invoice via Paypal.   We encourage orders from Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and any other country.

You are responsible to handle your customer complaints and refunds. We do not accept returns or refunds because the customer does not like the fragrance, color, etc. We will replace all damaged items and mistakes made by us for you (need to call or email us when this happens).

We don't offer Private Labeling for DropShip orders!

After Signing up, you will be able to view all of our dropship prices. You will be able to place your dropship orders after signing up.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us. We want to thank you for your interest in our product line.

Please Fill out our form below for a dropshipping account!  Its Free Of Charge!

Drop Shippers

We Are Sorry At This Time We Will Not Be Accepting New Drop shippers!

Thank you!

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We Are Sorry At This Time We Will Not Be Accepting New Drop shippers!